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Released: 16 November – Version: Release Notes for Altium Designer Version This new Altium Designer release continues to deliver new features as well as enhancements to the software’s core technologies, while also addressing many issues raised by customers through the AltiumLive Community’s BugCrunch system.

Along with delivering a range of new and exciting features that develop and mature the existing technologies, it also incorporates a large number of fixes and enhancements across the software as a whole, helping designers continue to create cutting-edge electronics technology.

It is not possible to update to Altium Designer 17 from an earlier version, a new installation is required. You have the choice to altium designer 17 guide free with your current version, or to install Altium Designer Alternatively, have both installed side-by-side, and use the version that best suits your needs. The holy grail of PCB routing is to be able to apply the brains and power of an autorouter to multiple nets simultaneously, under the control of a altium designer 17 guide free designer.

After all, the results from an autorouter can often leave the designer somewhat deflated, and wishing they had routed manually in the first place.

This is the challenge that ActiveRoute – the new kid on the interactive routing scene – sets out to achieve. ActiveRoute is an automated interactive routing technology that delivers high-speed, multi-net, multiple layer routing. It allows the designer to interactively route groupings of nets by selecting connections directly in the workspace – itself a new arrival in this versionwith the optional ability to define a route path or guide, to marshall and contain the routes, as they flow from origin to target.

Altium Designer Applied to selected tracks, the tool endeavours to improve the quality of the overall route defined by those track segments involved. And while its functionality in this release is embryonic to start with – for example it does not include arcs, and does not observe pad entry design rules – it’s a powerful beginning, and one that will continue to be refined and enhanced over future releases.

When a high-speed signal travels between PCB layers through a copper barrel, it can be distorted. If the signal layer usage results in a stub being present, and the stub is long, then that distortion can become significant.

This is a technique used to remove the unused portion, or stub, of copper barrel from a thru-hole in a printed circuit board. Most commonly used for vias, and also for press-fit backplane connectors, back drilling provides a cost-effective solution to help manage the signal quality for high-speed signal paths. Altium designer 17 guide free a fresh, intuitive user interface, you are able to generate all manufacturing data for your project simultaneously – so no more having to switch and release individual configurations of the project for fabrication data, assembly data, design source, etc.

The releaser also provides the ability to generate the assembly data for multiple variants altium designer 17 guide free your board design, at the same time – what gets released is down to you, with all data items generated altium designer 17 guide free part of a single release process. You don’t even have to worry altium designer 17 guide free you haven’t altium designer 17 guide free Output Job files – it’ll do that for you if you ask it to!

With the new Жмите сюда Releaser, you’ll be able to generate your manufacturing data with simplified ease, and with the highest integrity. From simplification of the minimum clearance matrix, and the ability to check clearances between split planes, to hole-to-primitive clearance checking, and checking for bad connections as part of the Un-Routed Net rule, these improvements collectively enhance your ability to constrain your board designs exactly as needed.

Polygon pours are a staple of most board designs, but their modification in Altium Designer’s PCB Editor has become a little dated. Desired shapes are often hard to create the first time and editing through movement of vertices can quickly become frustrating – often ending up with more and sometimes altium designer 17 guide free vertices than you altium designer 17 guide free with.

With Altium Designer Adding to the support of string Parameters at the project, document and schematic level, Altium Designer 17 здесь offers shared Parameter support for component footprints in the PCB domain.

User Parameters defined привожу ссылку components in the schematic страница are now transferred to the corresponding component footprints in the PCB layout via a configurable Engineering Change Order ECO. This includes a new Lasso Selection feature, that enables you to select and deselect objects through a defined free-form lasso, and Smart Drag Selection, where selection functionality changes depending on the direction of a dragged rectangular selection area.

Collectively, these enhancements allow you to select the design altium designer 17 guide free you need in quick time, altium designer 17 guide free with minimal effort. Cross-Probing and Cross Selecting are powerful search tools within Altium Designer that help locate objects in other editors by selecting the object s in the current editor.

In Altium Designer, a view configuration is a snapshot of display settings that you can configure, save and load as required. The View Configurations dialog is used to configure and enable the special and system layers of your design. Rather than a blanket replacement of the current layer stack with the one being loaded, you now have the ability to control how the layers will be added, effectively performing a merge of the two stacks, to arrive at the desired stack setup.

With the release of Altium Designer 17, the Draftsman documentation system includes a range of enhancements and additional features that add to its flexibility while improving drawing efficiency. These include new dimension options, additional drawing object properties, support for Back Drilling, improved rendering performance, and more. The generator makes it easier to prepare your pick and place text file without always needing to perform post-process functions.

Among other functions, you can filter components by parameters by layer, jaksta media recorder coupon free, or footprintcustomize columns, and set the type of units and output format.

Altium Designer 17 features several Mixed Simulation enhancements, including the newly introduced Probe Manager. Configuring probed waveforms from the Probe Manager allows designers to display plots as desired without the need to manually add or modify waves post simulation, bringing added flexibility and control to mixed simulation. With the Probe Managerdesigners can also use probes and active nets to select waveforms to display.

Along with its other enhancements for Mixed Simulation, Altium Designer 17 allows users to easily create and manage multiple Simulation Profiles.

Simulation profiles can also be added to Output Jobs. Use the Profile Manager to organize profiles and easily use probes or active nets to select waveforms to display. Altium designer 17 guide free Altium Designer 17 comes added functionality for Mixed Simulation, including the ability to copy charts. This allows designers to easily share information from probe analyses in the источник статьи of a PNG image.

Having numerous suppliers from which to search is integral to having the optimal parts for your designs. You also now can choose the country in which you want to search for your desired parts and your preferred currency.

You can use the Altium Parts Options region of the Data Management – Suppliers page of the Preferences dialog to select your options for part suppliers. The Import Wizard is a quick and simple way to convert your design files from other vendors to Altium Designer files. The Wizard walks you through the import process, handling both the schematic and PCB parts of the project, as well as managing the relationship between them.

Altium Designer, altium designer 17 guide free conjunction with Altium Vault 3. Such Items can be думаю, microsoft access 2013 pdf book free могу directly within the target vault, or through release of the current stack definition, in the PCB Editor’s Layer Stack Manager dialog. In addition, a managed Layerstack Item can be used as a configuration data item in one or more defined Environment Configurations.

Project Templates stored in the Vault are fully version controlled and lifecycle-managed, and can include the common document and file types that make up an Altium Designer Project, including additional reference documentation and configuration files. This altium designer 17 guide free you to more fully describe and support a component, in a centralized fashion, while reducing the reliance on external storage mediums shared network drives for example.

Storing datasheets next to the very items that need to reference them also means you no longer need to have a live internet connection, to consult a reference document that can often, and frustratingly, disappear without warning at the whim of the hosting website!

Such Items are created directly within the target vault. This also allows an organization to manage and distribute ratified, custom script projects to Altium Designer users through administrative control. This is especially useful, and needed, for components that use multiple footprint models, allowing you to get the footprint you need, by default, when the component is placed into a design rather than one picked at random.

Any number of footprint model links may be specified, and this will be a welcome feature for those wishing to altium designer 17 guide free components that reference 3 footprints, satisfying the IPC requirements for different density levels L least or minimum copperM most, or maximum copperand N nominal, or median copper.

As this allows any file to be added to an OutJob, native Altium Designer files can also be included in specific release categories such as Fabrication or Assembly data. Altium Designer works with Managed Projects by providing windows 7 professional version free, direct access to the Vault-based project data, and also offers a host of advanced new project management features.

Within the Vault, altium designer 17 guide free Managed Project is inherently associated with its released production data, with both the design source and manufacturing output available from a single unified location. The GUI to this process – the Library Migrator view – presents an intuitive flow that takes initial selected libraries, and migrates them to a target Altium Vault.

And while altium designer 17 guide free migration process can be configured – giving you enhanced control over how that migration is performed – at its most simplistic, you can simply accept the default settings and set the migration in motion within a matter of clicks. The Altium Vault 3. In Altium Designer altium designer 17 guide free And when placing components from such an Integrated Library, the actual altium designer 17 guide free are back to the Component Items in the vault.

This gives you the ability to effectively use your altium designer 17 guide free vault components in an offline fashion, while ensuring the design still maintains a true connection to those components in the source vault.

The Item Manager provides a fast and effective way to convert a PCB project to one that uses fully managed library components from a centralized Altium Vault. This ability – essentially validating that vault components in a design are all up-to-date and using the latest revisions of their parent Component Items – can be checked as part of project compilation.

At the heart of this checking is the Component revision is Out of Date violation type, altium designer 17 guide free of the category: Violations Associated with Components. Configure the reporting mode for this check on the Error Reporting tab of the Project Options dialog.

New in Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading version For the latest, read: New in Altium Designer for version Read more Many of the new features and enhancements summarized here require the latest release of the Altium Vault – Altium Vault 3. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document?

Ссылка Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. We’re sorry to hear the article wasn’t helpful to you. Could you altium designer 17 guide free a moment to tell us why?

Connect to Support Center for product questions. I do not want to leave feedback. ActiveRoute The holy grail of PCB routing is to be able to apply the brains and power of an autorouter to altium designer 17 guide free nets simultaneously, under the control of a skilled designer. New Project Releaser Altium Designer You don’t even have to remember to increment Item Revisions, it’s all handled for you.

Offline Mode – releasing all generated data into a folder-based structure, all wrapped up in a single Zip file.

Design Rules Improvements Altium Designer Selection and Display Improvements Altium Designer Dynamic Cross-Probing and Cross-Selecting Cross-Probing and Cross Selecting are powerful search tools within Altium Designer that help locate objects in other editors by selecting the object s in the current editor.

View Configuration Enhancements In Altium Designer, altium designer 17 guide free view configuration is a snapshot of display settings that you can configure, save and load as required. Draftsman Enhancements With the release of Altium Designer 17, the Draftsman documentation system includes a range of enhancements and additional features that add to its flexibility while improving drawing efficiency.

Simulation Profiles Along with its other enhancements for Altium designer 17 guide free Simulation, Altium Designer 17 allows users to easily create and manage multiple Simulation Profiles. Supplier Enhancements Having numerous suppliers from which to search is integral to having the optimal parts for your designs.


Altium designer 17 guide free


A useful aid in getting up alitum running with a particular area of a software solution, is to consult a list of frequently asked altium designer 17 guide free. These altium designer 17 guide free range from the general questions, such as “Where desifner I find this or that functionality?

In some cases, we try to pre-empt the questions we think might be asked, or to highlight and reinforce important aspects of the software that we believe you should be made aware of. In addition, we often lower our bucket into altim Altium Design Forums, skimming from a vast pool of knowledge on all aspects of the software, from drsigner very people that are using the software day-in, day-out, in their working lives.

So go ahead and browse through the various FAQ listings, which dseigner conveniently clustered into suitable categories. There just might be an answer to that question you wltium answering, and which can supply the helping hand to move through a ‘road-block’, and get you back into the productivity ‘fast-lane’. By no means exhaustive, this listing of FAQs associated to designing with Altium will altium designer 17 guide free to grow over time, but all the while helping to unlock your full design potential when using the software.

FAQs desogner clustered into the following areas, and further sub-clustered therein where it makes sense to do so :.

As well as having complete freedom to arrange the panels, toolbars and documents being edited anywhere on your multiple monitors, you can also customize the menus, toolbars and shortcuts in Altium Designer. To access the customization dialog for the current editor:. To prevent a panel from docking as you move it in floating mode, hold the Ctrl key down. For those using Altium Designer But that doesn’t mean that altiuum need miss cesigner on the party! We’ve prepared zip files containing variants of the F1 mapping file found in Altium Designer HelpID – connecting each of these earlier versions to their corresponding documentation guidf altium.

Download the applicable zip file and add the extracted files to your installation, as detailed below:. Yes, absolutely. The beauty dexigner Managed Projects is that they are version controlled by default, and can be collaboratively worked upon without having to worry about shared drives, servers, agreements etc. The project will initially only be available to you, the creator, and all Administrators for the Altium Vault.

To make it accessible to others simply share it, by configuring its permissions. If the Convert to Managed Project command is not available, it means that the project is currently under Version Control in a local, or network VCS Design Repositoryor has been so in the past.

This can be resolved by creating a ‘clean’ copy of the project one not associated with VCS in another local folder and converting that version to a Managed Project. To do this:.

To examine design variations, you must compile the design and then switch to the compiled tab of the schematic. The Variants toolbar can then be used to show the configuration of the physical components on that sheet, for the variant chosen in the toolbar. After selecting an alternate part, the software checks for pin-compatibility between the altium designer 17 guide free alternate component, and the original base design component.

To be pin-compatible, the alternate must have the same number of pins as the original component, and those pins must be identical in their location, and electrical type. No equality in the graphical primitives used in the symbols for the two components is required. If the software detects that the alternate component is not pin-compatible, a Confirm dialog will appear, requiring your OK to proceed with the replacement.

While you can proceed with the use of a pin-incompatible alternate ftee, bear in mind the potential impact on the wiring, and that you may also encounter an error violation when performing a subsequent compilation of designsr design.

Each mode must include the same set of pins, if they do not a warning will be generated fere the project is compiled. This is required as you can only define one set of pin-to-pad mappings for each footprint. Pins can be hidden in sesigner mode if required, and do not need to be in the same location in desgner mode.

On the design side, each design component released to a vault is specified using a source Component Definition. A component definition is simply just that – a definition of a particular design component. A definition that ties ссылка на подробности the required models and parameters for that component in a clean desogner ordered fashion.

Each component definition on the design-side maps to an Fred – a Component Item – in the target vault. To put this another way, gukde are defining the source definitions that will, when released, provide a set of components which you can привожу ссылку again and again in your designs.

CmpLib is the design-side entity in which to create and manage one or more component definitions. Each component definition is mapped to a unique Component Item in a target vault. To put that another way, each vault-based component is produced by releasing a design-side component definition, stored cesigner a Component Library file. Yes and No. When a source component definition in a Component Library is first released, the resulting Component Item, referred to as a vault-based component, simply represents the engineering, or design view fdee that component.

It is, in essence, a container into which all information used to model that component in the Design Area is stored. It has great altium designer 17 guide free to the designer using it in a board design, but altium designer 17 guide free altiu, meaningful outside of the design arena. To become a truly ‘Unified Component’, that unites the Design and Supply Chain areas, the Component Item must be mapped to physical, real-world manufactured parts.

This is done by specifying Part Choices for the component, which are saved into a revision of an associated Part Choice List Item in the vault. And it is this intelligent mapping of a component – from the traditional electronics design arena into the bigger ‘product arena’ vesigner seen by the rest of the organization – that turns the humble vault-based component into a truly Unified Component! The Release Manager provides a migration altium designer 17 guide free that allows you to quickly altuim Component Libraries from existing Schematic Libraries.

Component Altim can also be generated directly deslgner the active Designrr Library or Database Libraryusing a dedicated command available from the main Tools menu. Altiu placed component has a кабы uninstall microsoft project professional 2016 free понравилось back to the source Component Item in the vault.

This information can be found in the associated properties dialog for the component. At this altium designer 17 guide free, individual component level, the placed instance can be updated to a later revision of the same Component Item or changed to a totally different Component Item simply by clicking the Choose button. The Choose Item dialog will appear, with the currently linked Item and revision thereof focused in the source vault.

Select the later revision, or browse for another Component Item to use. For a single, centralized place from which to effect multiple changes in a batch-like manner, use altium designer 17 guide free Item Manager Tools » Designfr Manager. You have full control over which of these managed entities to update, and how.

Select an entry and choose a later revision of the linked Item to be used. Select a group of entries that utilize the same linked Item and choose the next revision in one hit. All proposed changes are reflected back in the manager.

Once changes have been set up as required, simply generate and execute an Engineering Change Order ECO to effect those changes. Use of the Live Links to Supplier Data feature does not require you to be signed in to your Altium account. Searching is conducted directly with the Suppliers through web services.

However, when displaying pricing information in alternate currencies, exchange rates for currency conversion are refreshed daily, provided you are signed in to your account. Making use of these additional supplier desinger is a wholly optional exercise.

You are not required to fill out these details on the Data Management – Suppliers page of the Giude dialog in order to use the Live Links to Supplier Data feature, they simply offer additional benefits if altium designer 17 guide free are an altium designer 17 guide free customer of a particular supplier, should you wish to access them. This will happen when you are signed in to your company’s Altium Vault. The Altium Vault dictates centrally which Suppliers are to be used in an organization.

Altium designer 17 guide free connected to it, the list of Suppliers on the Data Management – Suppliers page of the Preferences dialog will be disabled. It will simply be a read-only reflection of this centrally-defined list, which itself is defined on the Suppliers page of the vault’s browser based interface.

The Libraries panel is not used for managing and accessing Pad Via Libraries. You can think of a flat design as if a large schematic sheet has been cut up into a number of smaller sheets – in a flat design all sheets exist altium designer 17 guide free the same level.

The connectivity in a flat design is created directly from any sheet to any another altium designer 17 guide free designeg this type of connectivity aotium referred to as horizontal designdr. A hierarchical design is one which has Sheet Symbols to create the parent-child type relationships between altium designer 17 guide free sheets, andthe connectivity is through the Sheet Entries in those Sheet Symbols – deeigner directly from the Ports on one sheet to the Ports on another sheet.

It is The Net Identifier Scope that defines how you want the sheet-to-sheet connectivity to be created. This is set in the Options tab of the Узнать больше for Project dialog. A design altium designer 17 guide free flat when the connectivity is directly from one sheet to another – this connective behavior is defined by setting the Net Identifier Scope to Automatic смотрите подробнее, Altium designer 17 guide free or Global.

Note that if you choose to use a mixture of Ports and Net Labels to create sheet-to-sheet connectivity, you cannot use the Automatic option, in this situation you must manually set the Net Identifier Scope altium designer 17 guide free Global.

A design is hierarchical when the sheet-to-sheet connectivity is only between Sheet Entries on the parent sheet and matching Ports on the child sheet – this connective behavior is defined by setting the Net Identifier Scope to AutomaticHierarchical or Strict Hierarchical. A multi-channel design must be hierarchical because the software uses this structural model to instantiate the channels in memory when the design is compiled.

The duplication of components and nets is resolved by the software, using the naming desjgner selected on the Multi-Channel tab of the Options for Project guid. By default, positional annotation is based on the location of the altium designer 17 guide free designator. If your positional annotation is not performing according to your expectations, ensure that the designators are positioned correctly.

Alternatively, you can opt to use the part – more specifically the center of the part – as the reference for component location. Choice of using Designator or Part is specified within the Annotate dialog. Note that not altium designer 17 guide free image editors place the image data into the clipboard as metafile data. One approach to ensure that this happens, is to first paste the image into Microsoft Word, then copy it from there and paste it into Altium Designer.

Supported жмите сюда data includes bitmaps, lines, arcs, simple fills, and true type text – allowing you to easily paste logos and other graphical symbols.

Imported data will be put onto the current layer, adopting the color you have chosen for that layer. The PCB altjum created during the paste process are automatically designerr to a Union. After pasting, the Union’s editing handles can be used to fine-tune the size of the pasted image.

Unions resulting from a paste can also be resized at any time using the Resize Union command from the увидеть больше menu click to select the required union after launching the command. For a graphic this option has no impact – each independent shape in the graphic altium designer 17 guide free converted to a region object.

When pasting a text string, each character is converted to a text string if the option is altium designer 17 guide free to Metafilewhereas the entire string is pasted as an Altium Designer string, if the option is set to Text.

The Altium logo being pasted as a graphic, each letter in the graphic is converted into a region object. It is possible to create a custom Dessigner font узнать больше здесь contains a graphic as a glyph one of the characters in the font and then place a string on the PCB board that uses deslgner font. As well as the ease of use, another great advantage of this method is that if the font glyphs are created from vector graphic images, then they can be accurately scaled.

The font is available for alltium here dated Juneand you can also check the Altium Designer forum threadfor more recent versions in the latest posts. The font fres licensed as Cardware, refer to the Readme.


Altium designer 17 guide free –


For each schematic, bookmarks are provided based on your settings, which enables you to browse documents as well as individual components and nets residing on that document. If the source schematics are hierarchical, the hierarchy will be reflected in the PDF bookmarks with the top-level sheet appearing at one level and all sub-sheets appearing as sub-bookmarks. If you have enabled the option to Use Physical Structure as part of the export process, the resulting PDF document will contain separate sheets for each channel in a multi-channel design.

Clicking on a bookmark will zoom to the area of the document where that object resides. The level of zoom applied is determined by the zoom control slider bar setting on the Additional PDF Settings page. Where possible, the object will be centered within the main display window of the PDF Viewer. Highlighting will be applied when browsing by Components, Pins, Ports, or Net Labels for ease of reference.

Altium Designer includes component parameters in generated PDF output. Once generated, you can click on a component on a sheet in your PDF and peruse its parameters in a convenient pop-up. If you do not want to allow component parameters to be viewed in this way, disable uncheck the Include Component Parameters option in the Additional Information region of the Additional PDF Settings page.

You can click it to follow the link and access the URL in your external Web browser. Smart PDF Wizard. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading version All settings are remembered except for Output File Name.

If you choose to export the current project, you will be presented with further options for selecting documents on the next page of the wizard.

If you chose Current Document on the previous page Choose Export Target , this page is not displayed. Global Bookmarks for nets will only be generated if the Generate nets information option is also enabled. You can either change the paper size for the output generator and thus return the connecting line to a green state before the applicable output can be successfully generated, or simply change the target medium to one that does support your chosen paper size. When a paper size mismatch exists and you opt to change the paper size for the configured output generator, using the Page Setup command for the generator will bring up an information dialog.

This alerts you to the issue and notifies you that the paper sizing has been restored to its default. What this means is that the paper size drop-down in the configuration dialog is refreshed with the standard set of supported paper sizes PDF Output Container or the set of paper sizes supported by the target printer Hard Copy. If you did not enable the option to generate net information, only component information will be available in the generated PDF.

This feature works regardless if generating a PDF of a single schematic sheet or of the entire project. Shortened forms of URL are not supported, such as www. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. We’re sorry to hear the article wasn’t helpful to you. In this instance, a contention exists. All contentions are resolved by a priority setting. The system goes through the rules from highest to lowest priority and picks the first one whose scope s match the object s being checked.

With a well-defined set of design rules, you can successfully complete board designs with varying and often stringent design requirements. And as the PCB Editor is rules-driven, taking the time to set up the rules at the outset of the design will enable you to effectively get on with the job of designing, safe in the knowledge that the rules system is working hard to ensure that success. The process of compiling is integral to producing a valid netlist for a project.

In fact it is the process of compilation that yields the unified data model of a design – the single model of the data that is accessible across the design domains in Altium Designer’s unified design environment. Connectivity awareness in your schematic diagram can be verified during compilation according to rules defined as part of the options for the design project – on the Error Reporting and Connection Matrix tabs respectively.

This area of the Altium Designer documentation provides a comprehensive reference describing each of the possible electrical and drafting violations that can exist in source documents when compiling a project. By entering queries into this engine you can logically scope precisely those objects you require. A query is a string you enter using specific keywords and syntax, which will return the targeted objects. Queries are primarily defined in a Filter panel, but are also used to define scoping for PCB design rules.

As you build your knowledge of the Query Language, and the functions, keywords and syntax available, you will be able to type expressions directly. However, until that level of confidence is built, the Query Helper can be a beneficial crutch on which to lean! The vastness of the Query Language may seem a little daunting to begin with, but over time you will learn to appreciate its power – building a set of favorite query expressions with which to target common sets of objects and committing them to muscle memory.

And to quickly get up to speed, information is available for each of the query functions. Simply highlight or click inside any given keyword – in the Query Helper , a Filter panel, or the Full Query field of a PCB design rule – and press F1 to access its page within the documentation. Altium Designer’s unified design environment consists of various Servers plugged into a core platform. Together with the core platform itself, these servers provide the resources of the software – its features and functionality.

The resources are delivered in the form of commands, dialogs, panels, and the like. They are documented across the following sections of this documentation space:. Altium Designer Documentation. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading version For the latest, read: Altium Designer Documentation for version The Altium Designer documentation is versioned. You can switch to a particular version’s documentation set manually, directly through your web browser, or you can sit back and access the correct version automatically, from within Altium Designer.

F1 mapping functionality, and other documentation links, are instilled with the smarts necessary to arrive at the correct documentation destination, for the version of the software you are actively designing with. Read about Installing Altium Designer. Read about Getting Altium Designer Licensed. Browse Shortcut Keys. Read FAQs. Read more Coming from a different design tool?

Not a problem. Scoot on over to the area of the documentation that looks at Interfacing to Other Design Tools. Read about The Altium Vault.

Read about Accessing Your Altium Vault. Access Preferences For an overview of the system used to verify adherence to defined rules, see Design Rule Checking. Access Reference For a detailed overview of verifying your captured design, see Compiling and Verifying the Design.

For a look at how queries are used in the scoping of design rules, see Scoping Design Rules. Within Altium Designer, the F1 shortcut is definitely worth getting acquainted with. F1 also works for specific pages in the Preferences dialog , and specific rule constraint pages in the PCB Rules and Constraints Editor dialog. Altium Website – QuickLinks. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly.

We’re sorry to hear the article wasn’t helpful to you.


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