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Outlook won’t open or is stuck at loading profile

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Is your Outlook stuck, freezes, or hangs while loading a profile? If yes, then read the article thoroughly. Also, find the resolutions to get rid of this issue in Outlook versions , , , , , Sometimes, Outlook stuck at the loading profile screen when you try to launch it.

There are numerous reasons that will cause Outlook to hang on loading the profile. These are the manual steps that you need to follow sequentially to resolve the Outlook loading profile error , , , , , First of all, you should close all the processes that are running in the background from the Task Manager. NOTE: Outlook. Sometimes Microsoft Outlook may stuck at loading screen due to faulty add-ins. To fix the issue, start Outlook in safe mode and disable add-ins, follow these steps:.

If you can open Outlook in safe mode, try to disable the add-ins one-by-one and check if it resolves the issue. The steps to disable add-ins are listed below:. Look at the steps required for creating a new profile in Outlook. The same issue also happens in Microsoft Outlook , when you launch Outlook , the program hangs or stops.

Sometimes disabling hardware acceleration help the user to fix the issue in Outlook To do so, follow these steps to do so:. NOTE: This solution is temporary because we recommend you to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration in Office programs. The last free solution that is recommended to fix this problem is to update your video drivers to the latest version. Once you have updated your video drivers, you should be able to re-enable hardware graphics acceleration for Office.

In those situations, the only possible way is to use some trusted third-party tool to recover Outlook PST file. It really annoys the users and needs some actions to be taken seriously.

To resolve the issue in Outlook , , , , , , etc, we have mentioned some manual workarounds. However, the manual approaches are only temporary solutions. So, we recommend the professional tool that helps you to permanently fix the issue without any efforts.

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Microsoft outlook 2016 slow loading profile free


Follow these steps:. RSS feeds help you to keep up to date with the latest changes. However, real time updates with RSS feeds can significantly affect the performance of Outlook.

Try to disable RSS feeds and if Outlook still performs poorly, you can re-enable it. Unfortunately, Outlook will load them when it starts.

You need to manage old emails to regain the lost performance. Microsoft releases new updates regularly and an update may provide noticeable improvements. Related: Fix Microsoft Excel slow loading issues. You need to be aware that downloading complete message may not be a good idea if your inbox is already bursting with thousands of email messages. If you regularly delete and archive old emails, this solution should improve performance. When this option is enabled, Outlook will download data files from the server and they will be cached on your computer.

Note that this solution will work only your Outlook is connected to an Exchange server. Outlook saves your archived emails as a. You need to keep the size of PST file under control and it may get out of hand, after a period of time.

Follow these steps to compact your PST file:. Related: Fix Microsoft PowerPoint slow issues. Subsequently, press the Window key along with the R key. Step 2: On the Run box that now appears, type in “Outlook. Step 3: Now, the navigation panel of Outlook will go into the default state.

It is possible that your PST file has been corrupted and therefore the issue of Outlook not loading is occurring. In such a case, we would recommend you to use the Inbox Repair tool and fix the issue. Here is how:. Step 1: Close Outlook and in the search box, type in “Scanpst.

Step 2: When it is opened, hit on the “Browse” and you can look for the file with the help of the Windows file system. Hit on “Start” after that. Step 3: The tool will begin to scan the file and will look up the possible errors.

Now, you can check the box next to “Make a backup of scanned file before repairing” followed by hitting the “Repair” button. If nothing worked and still your Outlook is not opening a loading profile, you can try to create a fresh profile. And if you have no idea about this, here is what you need to do. Step 1: Quit Outlook firstly if it is open. Open the Run dialog box as you have done in the above sections i. Step 2: Then, you need to type “control mlcfg Step 3: Hit on “Show Profiles” and then click on the “Add” button to make the new profile.

You can now name your profile. Step 4: From the next screen, key in your email credentials in the auto “Email Account” field. Step 5: Once you are done with the configurations, simply click on the “Always use this profile” option.

Or you can select the new profile from the list. Is it happening on other machines with the affected user s? Is it happening to other users logged on to the affected machine? I don’t think it matters for your issue, but an easy way to tell if you have the Office click-to-run or standalone.

If it’s Office , it’ll say so in the description. You’ll also find “click-to-run mentioned. Finally, if there’s not “Update Options” button, it’s not Office If it’s Office , go ahead and check for updates and install any that are available.

Who knows? You might get lucky. Yes, and we suspect Sophos Intercept X in our case. There are open tickets with Sophos and they informed us latest version solved this issue. But its not completely ok for us.

The reason for me looking at this angle would be if there is damage, but SMART or ECC can correct for it, the disk will try and read, it will fail, and ECC or SMART knows it has failed, so it will try again, it does this repeatedly, for a period, usually a few 10’s of checks, then gives up and gives you the ECC’d answer, which is correct and the application continues to load. Slowing down the drive read of the drive.

You could try copying the EXE, and then deleting the old one. If the issue still occurs then head to exchange. I have seen issue with profiles were accounts have an extra space between first and second names.

Aristocratic Technologies is an IT service provider. I agree, you can try disabling your Antivirus and see if the time decreases.

Is it only Outlook or other programs in the Office Suite as well? Does it work normally once loaded? I’ll take a look at this. I have confirmed that the problem happens on multiple Windows profiles on the same computer, including profiles that never existed on the computer before the problem showed itself. This would seem to indicate it’s not Windows profile related. As for Outlook profiles, I deleted and re-created the profile for the user. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Outlook for Windows.

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7 Fixes for the Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile Problem.

Oct 22,  · Method 3: Run Outlook in Safe Mode & Disable Add-ins. Sometimes Microsoft Outlook may stuck at loading screen due to faulty add-ins. To fix the issue, start Outlook in safe mode and disable add-ins, follow these steps: Type “ Windows ” and “ R ” keys together. Type “ Outlook /safe ” in the Run window, and hit OK. Jun 26,  · Disable Outlook presence features. In Outlook, select File, > Options, > People. Uncheck the check boxes for the following options if they are enabled: Display online status next to name. Show user photographs when available. Select OK and then restart Outlook. Note: Disabling the presence functionality will help mitigate the issue. Jan 08,  · Recreate entire Windows profile; Run /safe (did not even open) Run /resetnavpane (did not even open) Run chkdsk c: /f and restart; The fix that worked: Right click on the Outlook shortcut and select the Compatibility tab. Untick the box next to ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 Service Pack 1’.

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