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Can i redact in adobe acrobat xi standard free. How to Redact PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Pro


The steps are the same in Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Pro This tutorial is also available as a YouTube video showing all the steps in real time. Watch more than other writing-related software tutorials on my YouTube channel. F riend ly Reminder: No technology is perfect. Therefore, you should always review the accuracy of your redactions before sharing your PDF with others. This is the basic method for redacting text and images.

Pro Tip: Hover your cursor over the selection to see a preview of the redaction. Hidden information includes but is not limited to the following items:. Important Note: If you want to choose which items are sanitized, toggle this option off now and use the Sanitize Document tool later, as shown in the bonus section at the end of this tutorial.

You can redact text or images in the same location, such as a header or footer , on multiple pages. Note that this option will not redact the selected text or images in other locations on other pages. There may be times when your business needs to share sensitive documents with third parties without sharing confidential information on the documents.

In those cases, you may find yourself needing to redact, or black out, the sensitive text in question. If done incorrectly, a poor PDF redaction job can leave the sensitive information vulnerable.

Here’s how to safely black out text in Adobe Acrobat Pro. After you finish, you are prompted to “also find and remove hidden information in your document. If you choose yes , any private information such as revision history or authorship information is purged from the document’s data. If you want to redact all iterations of specific words, names or phrases, you can do so easily using Acrobat’s Find Text tool. Here’s how:. If you want to repeat a redaction mark across an entire document, like a repeating watermark, footer or header, you can do so by using Acrobat’s Repeat Mark Across Page.

This tool works specifically if a mark appears in the same location on multiple pages of your PDF. To use it, right-click the specific redacted mark and select the Repeat Mark Across Page option.

After you finish the PDF redaction, confirm the blacked out text was properly redacted. To do so, open the document, copy the block of text you blacked out and paste it in a new document.

Your redactions should remain in place. If the redaction was completed successfully, there is no way to reverse or locate the text you have blacked out because it no longer exists. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro to black out text, try this method. Print out the PDF document and find the section you want to black out. Use a physical black marker to manually black out the text. After that, scan the PDF onto your computer and open it.

You should no longer be able to edit or search the text that is blacked out physically. If you want to redact text in Acrobat but change the look of the redactions, you can do so by going to Properties from the Redaction secondary menu bar when you select the Redact tool.


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› watch. Follow these steps to use the Redact tools of Adobe Acrobat DC to remove sensitive images and text before you share your PDF.

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