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The solution is for everyone to have the same DPI Scale setting until this is resolved by the developers at Autodesk. Skip to content Menu. If you do electrical work in Jouranls there is a bug you should be aware of. Material parameter painted onto three faces in this example. Journal Content Reading between the lines.

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Sampie Goosen. When experiencing problems opening Revit project files, you could possibly recover data by using the Journal files. Journal files record all actions taken by the software during a Revit session, from the time the software starts to the time it stops. These journal files can be used to troubleshoot technical problems with the software. Revit creates a new journal file each time you use the software.

The journal file with the highest number is the most recent file. By default, journal files are stored in the following location:. If you work on a project and the files are stored in a network location, and the project is not Workshared, Revit does the following:. The local backup file provides protection in case the network save fails. Revit saves up to 3 local backup files and will purge older backup files.

The local backup file uses the same name as the project file, with date and time stamp appended to it. DocumentStorage::onOpenDocument [.. Delete the path information between the quotations so only the file name is left. DocumentStorage::onOpenDocument [Test. Save and close the journal file. Drag and drop the journal file onto the Revit icon and see if the file plays correctly. Autodesk knowledge. Lookup tables contain type data, allowing you to specify multiple part sizes without creating a separate family type for each size.

Lookup tables are used in conjunction with type catalogs. Is the LookupColumn name of the column from which the result value is to be returned. LookupValue 1-N value to find in the first, second, and subsequent columns of the table. When looking up values, the first column is skipped. For example:. If you want to use tabular data to define types with unique values for each type, create a type catalog.

Lookup table location. The location of lookup table files is defined with the LookupTableLocation parameter in the Revit. See Directories Settings in Revit.


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